The Forrest 6 hour MTB has become one of our favourite events. We love getting to Forrest to ride in general, it is such a beautiful part of the world and there is an amazing network of tails. The Race is well organised, as well it is all fun, the atmosphere, the trails and the people are great, and just being set up in the fresh air of the bush for the day is reason enough to turn up. Last year Bec and myself won female pair’s and again this year we lined up in the pairs category. Unfortunately this year I was sick with a cold, which is not all that fun when doing a pair’s MTB race, as those who have done one will understand. Due to my bug, Bec was force to do a large percentage of our laps for the event, needless to say though as always she got into race mode and rode like a machine. I was bad and not ready to head out for the first of my laps but blame it on the bug and slow thinking, I made sure I was ready for the rest. In the end we were victorious, and to my surprise and Bec’s disgust I picked up fastest female lap. I did try to explain that doing a hand full of laps every now and a fast one was nothing to the day she had to do and that really I wasn’t sandbagging, I think it was just a fluke good run with a clear track. Really though she did most the work I just gave her a few pee stops through the day!



Thanks must go to Emma and Betty for hanging out with us, or actually letting us hang with them, Betty “The Smiling Assassin” is a future star in the making and will be heading off to Europe for training camp with team Topbike (Click Here) this season look out for her on the trails in the coming years I am positive she will smile at you as she flies by!     ren