The dirty gran fondo is a gran fondo on the dirt. You can ride any type of push bike you choose to get around the course. Most ride either 26” mtb, 29” mtb or Cyclocross bikes,  and some …… well anything with some wheels and some pedals to pedal, this the “Mongrel class”. We took out our big wheels for the 90km, knowing that being a “Big Hill” event there may indeed be some big hills! It is a fun event that you can do purely for the fun alone and ride with you mates or you can race it to win, either way a great day out.

Bec went out on a mission and was last seen flying past all the cyclocross bikes and stack of the mtb bikes on one of the big hills. She had to overcome two flats on course but stomped home for a win regardless! I had a fun day out on the up’s and downs, had to resort to drinking coffee (thanks DC) and a lot of killer pythons in the feed zones after hunger flatting more than once, laughed and cried a little at the funny and sometime nasty event signs placed strategically throughout the course and eventually groveled home on a rim instead on a tire.  


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