A whirlwind weekend away racing the Adelaide National Road Series for the Liv/giant ladies, Sarah Riley, Carly Williams, Naomi Williams and myself. This was the First NRS for the LIV/giant girls. It started with us leaving early on Thursdays for a 9hr road trip, which consisted of great company & questionable food stops as well as the need for goggle to help explain what the road signage (Stop Creeping ) in South Australia actually means. 

The first stage was a Teams Time Trial and our main objective was to stay together. With two sick and one getting sick we had one healthy rider which meant finishing high in the standings was always going to be a challenge. We didn’t disgrace ourselves and finished all together. Congratulations to the Tassie Polygon team for their dominate display of Time Trialling ability. 

Stage 2 was a 105km stage that was going to be tough going by the terrain out line and it didn’t disappoint with an average of 40km on a partly flat, hilly, course that even had around 6km of dirt to negotiate. All of us did well to finish with Amy Cure of Polygon taking it in the bunch kick. I also ended up equal on King of the Mountain points with Peta Mullen’s.

Stage 3 was a fast 60km Kermesse That consisted of a few breaks that got up the road but in the end it came back together for a bunch kick with Suzuki Bontrager Rebecca WIASAK taking the win after being away all day in the break.

After a weekend away of great company, good food, laughs and great racing that has me excited for the next NRS in Canberra, we headed home on a 9hr road trip in preparation for work for all of us on Monday.

Special thanks go to Murray for helping us out over the weekend and for washing and polishing our bikes, and also as always a big thanks to LIV/giant for all your continual support.