LSL Super Crit on Sunday was one of the biggest races on the calendar with LIV/giant and Anchor point coming on board to make the women’s race equal in price money to the Men’s making it the biggest payday on the Australian Calendar for women.

This added to the hype of the race and saw girls flying in from all over Australia.   50 girls lined up at the start with no less than 6 girls who are currently or in the past represented Australia as well as two previous Australian Crit Champions not to mention a few that have spent the season O/S racing..

The racing was fairly aggressive with a heap of attacks going off the front in the hope that something would stick. Also there was 5 sprint primes up for grabs at $750 each which added to the excitement of the race.

It was clear that the bunch was going to stay together as the sprinters teams worked hard to keep it that way. Ren put in a massive effort not sitting any further then 3rd wheel back the whole race to keep it together With help from Carly and sarah we prepared to launch Nic for the line who was looking and feeling great to contest for a podium spot. Unfortunately there was a crash in the last lap in which Nic came down pretty hard, luckily though she came out reasonable unscathed bar a few stitches in the elbow and some descent road rash. Lisa Hanley and Marlena Klaic also hit the ground, they both sustaining fractures and we wish them the best and a speedy recovery.

That left a bunch kick for the win after a solid lead out from Sarah Roy, Chloe Hosking took the win a head of Kimberley wells 2nd and after a review of the photo finish Peta Mullens taking 3rd over Jenny Macpherson by 0.05 seconds..

After Swanning around mid-bunch most of the day I ended up with the fastest lap and 6th overall.



Rebecca Locke
Bec Mid race. Photo thanks to Kirsty Baxter.


© Naomi Williams,
Ren liking her new Jersey


Naomi Williams Supercrit
Ren Mid race. Photo thanks to Michael Klein.


© Naomi Williams,
Liv girls……and a photo bombing Jenny Mac