Mt Buller was the 2nd Round of the National Mtb Series and my first XCO national race and as you could imagine I was a little nervous but excited by a new challenge having no real technically expertise I had a feeling I was going to shown how it was really done and the girls definitely did that. We were all greeted by a warm day with a billion flys swarming around and had me wishing I had some bushman spray handy. The race started with a 200m climb straight into single trail followed by 2km of descent on the side of the cliff with lots of rocks that made for a few scary moments on my part. The ascent, which is something I normally enjoy, was rocky and technical, not much really. Followed by 1km of fire trail, which was more to my liking. Repeating that Six times made for some tired bodies by the end.

The Race was super hard but I came away with a lot of positives.. My skin was intact and if you know Mt Buller Skin wouldn’t have been the only thing I would have lost if id come off. Mountain bike skills are accentual and if i want my hands to be soft and smooth and not be covered with Calais from hanging on for dear life i need to do something about that. Looking a head I hear also helps. Congratulations to Bec Henderson on 1st, Jenny King holding onto 2nd just in front Tori Thomas in 3rd.. It was great to line up with 4 other LIV/giant girls and be surrounded by a such relaxed atmosphere which has definitely been a nice change from the road scene. Ren had a tough day having done no training for 6 weeks due to a broken hand and having done 2 laps decided to pull the pin and resume responsibility for feeding me which was greatly needed due to the temp. My giant 27.5 obsess rode like a dream and i look forward to the day that i can rail it or in my words lose the little fury things on the side of my tyres….

Liv girls……

Race 3 of the mtb national series was held at a new venue in echuca/moama. On our pre race ride over the course one could be tricked into thinking how much fun it was going to be. Nice smooth flowy trails with no white knuckle fever that I seem to get during most of my mtb rides. Race day brought perfect temperatures with a fair bit of wind around. Again LIV/giant was well represented with 4 girls ready to race.. A mechanical right before the start put me right at the back of the grid by myself, this made for some very hard riding in the first lap to try & move through the field i managed to get across to mel anset who was riding strong & pretty much sucked her wheel for dear life especially in the first half the race as  I’d put myself so far into the red that I thought I may vomit & never recover. Thanks Mel I really do owe you one..  While riding my race mid field with mel & holly a pack had formed at the front with 6 girls which was going to make for some exciting racing which i hear was Definitely the case. Bec Henderson won in a sprint over PETA Mullens with Tory Thomas in for 3rd. Jenny king came in 4th even after she had to have a wheel change but it was enough to take out the overall mtb series. I had a pretty good race & am starting to feel a little better technically. Things learnt! Race start super important, fast flowy track not so much fun as it hurts big time. Thanks Ren for feeding me, best feeder ever!



© Naomi Williams
Some good Murray dust
© Naomi Williams
Last minute tension before the rush out of the gate
Rebecca Locke © Naomi Williams
Bec Mid race
 © Naomi Williams
Feeding is very serious business …… no really it is you do NOT want to miss the feed! or step over the line in the dirt either.
© Naomi Williams
The sprint for one two between Bec Henderson and Peta Mullens
 © Naomi Williams
Bec and Mel Anset post sprint to the line …….all smiles….you just got to love MTB!