Kowalski Classic 2014 ©naomi williams

Bec’s race wrap of the Kowalski Classic.

The 2014 Kowalski Classic 100k Mtb Marathon held in the East Kowen Forest and Sparrow Hill just outside Canberra, was round three of the Maverick series, the penultimate round for the 2014 series. We do love a Road trip, when your chasing bike races around you have too, however leaving Saturday morning after my night shift was always going to hurt, lucky Ren did most of the driving while I caught an hour or so on the way. We arrived Saturday night to a home cooked meal, a glass of wine & great conversion, staying with friends in Canberra, an added positive to travelling all over the place for racing, being able to catch up with friends you may not other wise see. Thanks for having us guys was great!

An early start saw us out the door by 6am on the way to the race. No coffee ( guaranteed headache material for some! ) & running a little behind time we hit the start line without a warm up & 2mins to spare, but we still manage a last minute selfie before we got underway. The start was fast due in part to the combined Elite Male/ Female starting order, It didn’t take long to get our said missed warm up as we hit a climb in the first 100m that was about 500m in length before we hit the single trail. This really hurt with no warm up & going flat out to stay with the men resulting in me trying to recover for the next 30mins. Have a look at the  start it the little Video below, it makes the hill look a bit flat in bits, but it wasn’t! 

This course was around 98% single trail & was rocky which made eating and drinking really difficult also being on a hard tail contributed to extra fatigue on our bodies which really took its toll on us. At the 50km mark and in 3rd place Jenni king was just in sight. One would think I would be inspired to chase her down. Unfortunately I was done & needed a bit of encouragement From Ren coming through the feed to even head out for the last 50k. Ren had pulled the pin a bit earlier, this pre envisage due to her current training phase, & was now my favorite feeder. What a super tough course and they even throw in a 25% climb at around the 70km mark which resulted in a few choice words from me. I somehow managed to grovel through the last 50k & hold onto 3rd place, and at the end it was fair to say everyone was feeling likewise showing just how hard the day was! Well done to Jenni King on the win and Jodie Willett coming in second.

You can see just how much work has been put into the trails (thanks to Paul Cole, Alan Anderson an d the Kowalski Brothers) & we really look forward to a time where we can just head back to Canberra go for a spin and enjoy them. Other wise we will most likely be back next year for another solid day on the bike!

for more info –

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 Kowalski Classic 2014 ©naomi williams
Almost ready to roll
 Kowalski Classic 2014 ©naomi williams
Great overall field, us sneaking in a selfie pre start!
 Kowalski Classic 2014 ©naomi williams
Pain face after crossing the line
 Kowalski Classic 2014 ©naomi williams
How was it? Horrible! Not really the single track was awesome, but thats the answer your going to get after the grovel to the finish of a 100km still with pain face on.
Women's podium Kowalski Classic 2014 © naomi williams
Elite Podium Rebecca Locke, Jenni King, Jodie Willett