Wow wow wow! That pretty much sums up Blue Derby! Its been said by many and well we agree Tassie is fast becoming the premier MTB destination in Australia.

We headed to Blue Derby, for the Australian XCM Championships. Having heard stories about Blue Derby around the place we were excited about what we were going to ride and it didn’t let us down this is a must ride the trails are beyond amazing, the town itself has done a lot of work in the support of the mtb community that are going to inundate there little town over the coming years with Plenty of little shops and cafes opening up.
During our pre ride of the course a mandatory stop was required every 5mins for photos along the trails as it is so beautiful that you wanted to capture the beauty as much as possible. Taking almost 4hrs to complete the 30k loop both we both left the trails with a smile from ear to ear knowing that regardless of the result just having the chance to race on these trails was going to make it a great day.
Race day brought nice clear skies and some cool temps that where ideal for racing.
Our race started a minute or so after the boys who were doing 90k (3 laps) where the girls were doing 70k a 10k lap followed by 2 x 30k laps with only the elite riders on course it was going to have a clear run the whole way.
Bec decided in my wisdom to try and go from the gun unfortunately all she managed to do was put herself into the box as the climb out of town was a much longer & steeper than what was thought as Both hadn’t had a chance to ride that section before. Making the first 10k a lactic pain pit. Bec headed through transition in 6 place with a fair bit of work to do if she was to move up in positions.
With a 30k loop that contained some of the most amazing single track we had ever ridden Bec put in a solid lap to move herself up into 2nd only a few minutes behind Jenny Blair who was riding away at the front. The last lap was going to go either way.
Bec having had a few issues in previous races with concerns to blowing up in the last 20 or so k was hoping that a repeat wasn’t on the cards unfortunately having gone into the red a bit too much in the previous lap the wheels started to come off with 15k to go. Bec was just hoping that she’d done enough to hang on. With very tired legs and a big crash in the last 3k Bec was pasted by a fast finishing Eliza who had put in a great lap to reel her in. In the end Jenny Blair won with Eliza in 2nd and Bec 20sec behind in 3rd place.

The Aussie XCM champs attracted good numbers over the two days of racing its fair to say the little town of Derby asleep for many many years was alive and kicking. We are looking forward to 2016 edition.

Go get lost at Blue Derby
Zipping through the man ferns
In the middle of Blue Derby
Big BIG berms
Awesome bike wash
Rainforrest Goodness
And more
The town of Derby alive with Mtber’s
Bec in Action
Tom Goddard heading out of the Feed zone
Bringing it home
4 hours 22 mins
A little disappointed to crash
Bec and Eliza post race
Podium celebrations


Bec Making the news. Great to see the Tasmanian media getting behind all the new MTB goodness
Sleepy Derby
Complete with the peters Icecream
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