Another trip to Tassie for our 3rd HELLFIRE CUP, and again we can not state how much we love this event! Again the HellFire crew have overcome hard personal times and still run an absolute awesome race. In the lead up to this years race Duncan and Sarah experienced something we pray never happens to anyone, Sarah was cleaned up by a 4wheel drive when out riding, resulting in very serious injuries including multiple and compound fractures of her leg. When we turned up to pick up our numbers at rego desk, who was there to give them to us, Sarah sitting up in her wheel chair, bubbly as always and full of spirit to see us, despite the fact she probably should have still been at home resting! I think its fair to say that everyone who has been to Hell Fire cup in the last 3 Years feels the same in regards to Ducan and Sarah, and this year that sentiment was voiced by many, we simply can express how awesome these two human beings are in words!

The Hell Fire and Mtb Trails crew have been busy since last year with a whole host of new trail sections. We again had a blast racing,  and were very pleased to pick up 2 stage wins and finish 2nd overall with our lack of race pegs.

Below a Pictorial of an Awesome 4days

Ready to roll on day one under a perfect blue Tassie sky
Start Line Line
Action from the bike
Great shot of the Start sea of colour, can you see us? Photo Nat Jeanneret
Dusty n dirty post day twos Marathon stage
The boys from 4shaw Deuce ready to rock n roll ……. well almost !
Wil Barrett from AMB showing us all what its all about
The Mtn Trail crew all smiles leading the way to the TT
Some of the amazing views. Photo Nick Miller
Our chasers in the TT the Boys from Over Yonder
TT wheel sucking
More TT wheel sucking
Racing past HellFire bluff, the picture does not justice not that we were taking in the view to busy trying to breathe. Photo Nick Miller
Our carrot in the TT.
TT podium shot
Roadie errr Mtbers err Roadies err Mtbers ……. Bike Racers. Bec, Peta Mullens, Ren
Bec mixing up the dust
Our Focus Raven 29ers, Floated up the hills and railed down the decents as always
Ren in start line Focus. Front of grid tyre choice favourite is obviously Maxxiss!
Love a little two wheel sliding in the dust. Photo Jess stevenson
The Hill climb decent rock garden had the crowd on its toes. Nat Jeanneret
Going up. Photo Nat Jeanneret

HellFire Cup 15 Stage 8 short n sweet 

Bec in The short track
Short track action. Photo Nat Jeanneret
Final podium 1st Jenni King and Karen Hill, 2nd Team Willy Locke, 3rd Eliza Kwan and Brooke Rowlands (missing due to fights)
Duncan and Sarah
See you in 2017 Hell Fire cup!