As always the getting ready to race the Odyssey evoked feelings of excitement and fear. Standard for us for this race, although Bec probably feeling more excitement as we’ve stated in the past The Odyssey one of her favourite events on the Marathon calendar. This year our Prep was not great having a lot of other life/work commitments on the cards over the summer had cut training kms down, something going into your first marathon of the year was not ideal. It was going to be a tough one we knew this, its always tough even with the Kms under the belt.

This year was the 10th edition of the race, a fantastic milestone for an event that has long been know as on of the most testing in the Oz. The atmosphere as aways was great as always, with a whole host of people turning up to the Forrest footy oval for a great day out, from weekend warriors to some of the best Elite riders in the country, young to old, shorter length racers and full length racers.

Our day panned out as expected tough, Ren struggling with the distance, Bec also felt the distance however she still pulled out a solid result for 4th making the podium, again! Peta Mullens was strong and had a clear victory on the day.


If you are looking for a challenge next year remember to add the Odyssey to your calendar – http://rapidascent.com.au/giantodyssey/

The race machincs ready to roll, Thank you to our hosts at Foresst for the weekend Topbike tours
Now thats a sign on board!
Bec in action
rebecca locke Otway Odyssey
Bec focuses on the line, the course was a lot duster than previous years.
Rebecca Locke Teamwillylocke.com
The fly through feed zone, or the chill a bit your pick. No stopping for Bec.
Great turn out in the village making for great atmosphere
teamwillylocke.com team willylocke Rebecca Locke
Bringing it home
teamwillylocke.com team willylocke Rebecca Locke
Done dusted happy for a Podium
teamwillylocke.com team willylocke Rebecca Locke
Pegs done and dusted
teamwillylocke.com team willylocke Rebecca Locke
err you seemed to have missed 5 km Bec? ok maybe you were going to fast for the garmin !
The Focus Race machines didnt miss a beat!
teamwillylocke.com team willylocke Rebecca Locke
Special presentation for the 10 Year riders – those who have raced and finished all 10 editions of the Odyssey – Thats pretty impresive
teamwillylocke.com team willylocke Rebecca Locke
Jess and Norm enjoying post race chill, Jess one of those 10 edition riders!
teamwillylocke.com team willylocke Rebecca Locke
The speedy Elite Womens podium, happy after a hard race!