Heading to Port to Port Newcastle in NSW for our second year in a row meant some sun and a bit of home time for us, a stack of fun and some time in the hurt box. Only growing up about 60mins from where most of the stages were located it was a great way to catch up with family and friends and also get some solid racing in a beautiful part of the world.

4 days of racing was always going to hurt as we both had had a slow start to the season but we were looking forward to getting some fitness under our belts.
Unlike last year where it rained for most of it… The sun gods shined on us and we managed to get 4 days of great weather.

Port to ports stages are located in some awesome locations either starting or finishing along the beach or in the Hunter Valley Wineries, so being a spectator definitely has it perks…
With some great trails and spectacular scenery, it’s a great stage race for any type of athlete and the race organisers have done a great job to make it a family friendly event with some beautiful locations to stay, while having great food and drinks available after every stage.

Ren and I had both forgotten how solid the stages could be with a fair amount of climbing, so it’s fair to say we were both pretty tired by the end.

With a very solid field of riders preparing for some international races on hand it made for some hard racing over the 4 days and In the end I was happy to finish 4th overall with Ren coming in 6th.

With riding into some fitness we also rode into sickness for week about after, showing just how much in the red we both went in our attempt to get fit quick.