Whoo hoo! The green and gold strip is in the house! We are Super excited to have Bec crowned the 2016 Australian Cyclocross Champion, taking over after Lisa Jacobs stella run, you can be sure Bec will wear and race in the green and gold proudly.

This years National championships were run in Adelaide by the Port Adelaide cycling club. We drove over with everything in the van, kitchen sink and thunder pup included. She was super excited to spend some time with Shaun Lewis’s Staffie Stevie. Thanks guys for the sleep over!

Its fair to say there were more nerves than normal leading into this race. Having said that we always get nervous, you’d think after so many years racing you get better with this! But it’s hard despite your best efforts to block out that this is the race to win that Green and Gold Jersey. Something every Aussie who races a bike would love to win. Needless to say, we spent the time between arriving in Radelaide till race day trying not to talk about race day, this the norm for us! During this time we decided we could very easily live in the beautiful city of churches  …. ok as long as it didn’t get to hot over summer…. for to long ….ok so probably not!

Well race day finally came and it wasn’t hot, but rather an Adelaide winters day. It was a stacked field, and every wanted to win. Standing on the start line about 2 mins to go and the heavens open.  The course ended up going from nice and tacky to a very slippery top coat. The race went out fast on the long straights, Ren up front pushing the pace, normally embracing cold and sludge but by 2 laps in she couldn’t seem to keep the bike upright and went backwards. In hindsight this was most likely a combination of poor tire choice and pressure and nerves. Meanwhile, April McDonough had taken a good lead on the field in the testing conditions, but as the race developed Bec and Peta Mullens started to show their strength to bring back the lead. With about 2 laps to go and a few offs for both of them they had taken the lead, and the remaining two laps featured multiple attacks, with the lead switching to and fro many times. In the last half a lap Peta put a big attack in on the sealed section the course, but Bec rode back across, then counter attacking through the final muddy section and held on to take the win! What a great race! In the Mens race Chris Jongewaard showed his class taking the win, from Gary Millburn and Chris Atkin home in 3rd.


1.Rebecca Locke

2. Peta Mullens

3. April McDonough

4. Naomi Williams



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