A EURO WINTER OF CROSS continued……..

The worlds, well they didn’t disappoint, we knew it was going to be epic as we drove towards Luxemburg and we found the countryside getting whiter with every Km that passed. It was time for us to ride the hardest conditions we had faced yet, how fitting.

The course made the hardest course we had previously raced, look like a pleasant spin down beach road. Ice and snow covered the circuit, including black ice everywhere. It was extreme like riding on an ice rink. We were, quite frankly shitting ourselves about the massive drops also covered in ice. For Bec it was touch and go if she could even start, a heavy Over the bars the week before had left her in a bad way. X rays had cleared her from fractures, but she had done a good job. But in the end she did start, it is not an easy call to not start a World Championship. Everything was big just what you expect from the worlds, along with the pre-race nerves they were big also, we were both ready to lay it down more than once, this basically just as we figured we just would, we’d never raced on anything like it, we were just hoping to not lay it down too hard. In the end we conquered our nerves, it may have taken a few more laps than we’d hoped but we started to get the swing of the Ice and snow, in what was well and truly epic for everyone out there. At the front the battle was fierce the hot Favourite Marion Vos was in for a good one, but in the end, she was sprinted to the line by Sante Cant, after a truly great race-long battle. We didn’t lay in down surprisingly, maybe we didn’t push it hard enough, and though a bit disappointed we weren’t a little further up in the results, Ren finishing in 32nd and Bec in 36th, we can look at it now and be proud of what we achieved in such a short period of time. The support we had at worlds on course was awesome, a lot of Aussies making the trip and a lot of support in general, we can tell you we heard every cheer, Thank you.

It got really tough at times being in Europe for winter, our packed first week of racing left us both sick for a couple of weeks this combined with the cold, missing Christmas with the family, the lack of daylight, no car between racing and being locked up in the house for long periods had the mood low at times. At one race the temp read somewhere around -10 deg, we had other riders asking what on earth we were thinking coming from an Australian summer into this. We ourselves ask the question a few times, a lot as we curled ourselves into balls in the back of the car trying to regain some kind of warmth, fingers and toes screaming in pain, layered up with more clothes than a department store floor. “Lets Race Cross in Europe, It will be fun”

But really it was fun, testing challenge somewhat crazy scary and sometimes rather painful fun, and well we really can’t wait to do it all again! We had some really solid rides and results for our first time to Europe, and our first season of ever of Cyclocross. All in all it really has left us with a lot of motivation for whats ahead.


We must say a very big special thank you to all our supporters, friends and Fam who help us get to Europe too race the on the world stage and for all the encouragement along the way.

Big shout out to Christian, Frank, Hilde, and Katherine for being our super worlds support team, and of corse for our whole time in Europe!  http://www.hofterkammen.be/EN/enhome.html

To Dirk for sorting our transport for worlds!

Aussie Worlds team manager Mark, Mountainbike Australia and Cycling Australia

And to all our amazing supporters we can’t thank you all enough. Focus Bikes. SRAM. Curve cycling & Lisa Jacobs for helping us out greatly with race wheels. Velocio for fitting us out in amazing kit and the best winter kit that really did stop us freezing. Paul and all the NorthCity cycles crew and friends, for the support. Challenge Tyres. BECOZ. Kinetic trainers. Salice sunnies. Kask helmets. Sponser sports nutrition. 4Shaw. Premax. and Cyclocross minded for keeping us upright when running on all that icy stuff thanks to our crossspikes.

We also must say a big thanks to all the great photographers who got snaps of us, we are in the process of udating the photo capions.