Neither of us had been to Japan before so we jumped at the chance to do CX Tokyo, be it a bit of a whirlwind, having just flown back to Oz from World Champs, doing a long road trip, some night shifts, and pretty much flying back out to Toyko for just 3 days. It was well worth it, though we really should have got a few more rides in, or runs for that matter between it and the Worlds. The course really was quite the spectacle with roughly 50% of it raced along the beach in front of a backdrop of some Tokyo skyline. When watching on of the support races, we thought it was rather funny that they were running pretty much half the race, that was till we got out there and indeed found we needed our running legs to be working well, the joke was on us! The crowd and the local races turned up in masses, as well there were a good number of internationals there, including the Squid crew in our race, and Jpow in the men’s. The racing was hot, also hot in a literal way for us at least, struggling a bit coming straight off our cold winter in Belgium. We didn’t have our best legs but pick up a sixth and had a blast racing in front of the huge and very loud crowd. Can’t wait to head back over for some more Japanese Cyclocross.